Some people also started to appear。

It turns out that the big tube that has been killed by Spring is also because of these Chakra rays.。
You can think that when you want to face more people.。
These portions have turned into light to shoot nine hooks and jade.,Disappear。
“Forehead,It turns out that this is instinctive.,Even people don’t let go”Spring。
“what is this,Have it, no matter how many people we have, you can reappear,In fact, it is the god of the universe.,Hahaha”That person laughed again。
“cut,I thought Chakrao watched.?”Spring disdain。
“But not just this”
In an instant, a bloody light is shot to the spring.。
Quan Wei has not been reacted and the reaction is shot.,The coarse Chakra light is directly located in the position of Quan.。
Shooting the universe。
“Humph,Actually dare to find death”The big tube is looking at huge light column.。
Although this eye cannot be used in a comprehensive,But when it is possible to transfer it, Chakra, which is compressed to the limit is still。
This hit,It is definitely not a weakness than the spring.,If you hit the planet,Can also be destroyed directly。
“I don’t know what you are.”A voice appears to him。
“what!impossible!In that case you can’t cross the space”That person is shocked,Flying back。
This high quality Chakra is inevitably caused by space fluctuations.,Such a large range,Spring is not possible to escape.。
“Hey-hey,I will not tell you why this is,That eye, I have no way.,But what are you?。。。。”
Instantly, Quanyi hits,Directly hit a dark hole in front of him,Then a moment of a large cylinder is broken。
I rush straight out,Suddenly slammed the big cylinder of the red Chakra directly。
Then these strains are actually just like the nine hooks and jade.。
“Oh,This is the province, I save me a little trouble.”
“what,Breaking space,What is the power?!”All the big cylinders can’t believe。
But they did not see the other party’s ability to use,And the big cylinder just now has been soft and hit into a broken。
“You are dead”Spring, back, showing snowy teeth。
They only know how the Spring has hid the attack.,He does not have to consider the problem of space fluctuations.,Directly hit the space。
It is the attack directly to him.,May not be hurt。
Body is too strong,Even the space can crash,Also don’t affected。
Springs practice so many years,Just for this,Although there is no way to destroy the eyes,It is not afraid of attacks that can be destroyed in space.,But the same is true.。
As for the outer cylinder,Only two or three sizes,He can’t manage so much.。
Kill continuance。
Every hit of Quan Wei is killed,The general attack does not get him at all.。
Even later,Spring is no longer satisfied with this speed.,Start with various capabilities,Faster killing。