“Gold tower、legend、Unique。”

Luomei gently spit out six words,Dynamic,At the same time, the expression on the summer face。
Summer doubts are more,It’s totally unclear。
“Golda master,As the name suggestion,It is a master standing at the top of the pyramid.,Certainty,The so-called gold tower master is more inclined to the underground world,Be able to dominate one party,Both the golden tower master。”
Luomei smiled and looked at the summer,“As for the legendary master,Strive to the Golden Tower Master,Just like you now,Belong to the legendary level,Certainty,I am also。”
Summer revealed interest,“You are just a legendary level?That light?”
“Shake is also a legendary level,However, he is just a line from 凡.,So we call this type to see God’s master。”
“See God?”
“Right,That is to see God,Certainty,The so-called god is definitely not seeing the fairy.,But I don’t see it.,See God,It means that the endorsement is practiced in every tone,Can perceived the inside of the body,Well-deserved god,That is, the gods,Cannot inviovify。”
Summer nice head,He has practiced ancient times,Naturally understand this truth。
But he quickly became surprised.,So-called god,Just a statement。
Means of,Sorry still belongs to the legendary master。
To know,He has reached the cave.。
Is it in the cave?,There is also a higher realm?
Mortal body?
It seems that he can inspect the idea of his inner heart.,Luomei smiled,“I said,In our current strength,Don’t judge the realm,Although the shake is a cave,But he is still divided in the legendary level,It’s just that his legendary level is very close.,If the legendary-level metaphor is a big mountain,You stand on the foot of the mountain,And he has already standing on the top of the mountain。”
“蜕 凡 凡?”
Luomei voice melodious,The literacy is full of envy and yearning。
Just say, let the summer。
“I don’t know http://www.qdscy.cn how it is a state.,I only know that it is invincible.,And I can affirm,Whenever there is a master。”
She looks straight to the summer,“Emperor master is very special,If you have seen it one day,No need to ask,You will have a special feeling。”
Summer face changed。
He thought that he is now the strength,There are already less people in the world.。
But I didn’t expect it.,Even if he is seen as a rush of life and death,Also just a legendary level。
Interrogate,Luomei’s eyes are looking forward to,“Summer,I cherish it is not easy to grow up.,You have the opportunity to become a master。”
Summer,Play with her。
“You have to respect the ring。”Lommel is more complicated,“What you think so many people think that the court is for what,Naturally because of the mystery of the Supreme Ring。”
http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn Summer silence。
He got my mysterious energy from the supreme ring,And 神 一 手,There is also a secret skills of Feng Shen。
These have indeed brought him a lot of help。