Truth,During this period, you will pick up your life.,Let him fall into a sensitiveity that he can’t notice it.。

First Gu Hai Zhong is kidnapped,Then the world’s top business summit is held in the country of Mosso,If you also participate in Xia Xue or Liu Qingqing……Don’t think too much。
Now make sure Xia Xue and Liu Qingqing will not participate.,Also let him breathe。
“It seems that I think more.。”
At this time,His mobile phone is suddenly embarrassed。
See the above number,Summer picking your eyebrows。
Turn your eyes,Snonten a bad feeling。
Turn on。
He is a little careful,“Moon?”
“Brother,You are in Mosi?”
Some surprise sounds in the handset。
Summer is the heart,“How do you know??”
“I am also in Mosi。”
Finish,Moon added a sentence,“Just now, the news is playing two sensational cases.,Me……I seem to see you in the news.……”
“Allo,How can you come to Moi?。”
“You are not the first financial group,Harmmei, chairman of the future group, introduced it to me?,I have been talking about business in my day.,Later, she received the invitation of this business summit.,So she also invited me to see……”
Summer eyes slightly。
This woman is really deep。
Even he was cheated。
Summer is not a largest malicious speculation of others。
The moon appears in Moxigo,He can’t think too much。
At the same time。
Moi Give a luxurious hotel。
Han Meiji, standing there,It’s just a little frustipling.,“Owner,Do plan to cancel??”
On the sand opposite her,Sitting in a man with a copper mask。
It is the man known as Liuhe Mountain.。
After hearing,He nodded,“My purpose has been reached.,Don’t do anything……How is you and the moon?,Don’t let her notice the same。”
Han Meiji,But still want to say。
“What do you want to say??”
“I think I was staring.。”
Liuhe Mountain does not help but,Some of the gods,“Who is?”
“A woman named Luola。”