Successfully completed this timeSTask,Got a lot of good things。

Like thatSSkill book,King Kong Immortal Golden Body,and alsoSLevel bloodthirsty sword and so on。
Able to andSTop grade,That’s all good things。
It’s also a difficult task,To have such a generous reward。
It will be difficult to get such a big reward in the future。
“SSkill book,King Kong Immortal Golden Body,There are five stages。”
“The first stage of learning,Need one hundred skill points,Copper wall,Invincible。”
Further back,Is one thousand,Ten thousand……
Qin Hao just got 100 skill points,Without hesitation,Used directly。
Qin Hao suddenly felt like his whole body was burning on top of the fire,Suddenly the whole muscles became much harder。
Then Qin Hao felt the whole person’s sense of strength burst,I feel like I can kill a cow with one punch。
What kind of boxing champion hit it to death?。
This is not Qin Hao’s illusion,It happened。
Obviously,This is a skill book for refining。
Then Qin Hao looked at the Bloodthirsty Demon Blade in the temporary storage box。
“SBloodthirsty Blade,Hidden in the night,Assassin the king,Anyone hit by the bloodthirsty sword,Sure to die。”
“The hit,The wound cannot heal,Toxins will enter the body for a short time,Cause damage to the nervous system,Cause death。”
“Target distance,Kilometer range,”Qin Hao smack his lips。