“and also.Surprise?”

“Yes,Is a surprise!”
“Let us please with the strongest applause and cheersNBAThe youngest60Mr. Fen!!”
“Super Three Pointer!”
“Rookie Terminator!”
“The league’s strongest rookie devil!”
“Future superstar!Superstars now!”
“Indian City Revival、Madison’s forever friend。Xu——————————Xuan!!!!”
No splendid dance,And no funny movements,The door gradually opens,Xu Xuan wore a fit black Adi outside,He appeared in front of fans all over the world with a smile。
The scene roared instantly!
And there is only one sound in the roar!
“Xu Xuan!Xu Xuan!Xu Xuan!”
“Xu Xuan!Xu Xuan!Xu Xuan!”
“Xu Xuan!Xu Xuan!Xu Xuan!”
John who just walked down the stage·Wall and Clay·Thompson was so startled by the loud sound that he almost couldn’t stand still。