“What is it?”

“You have another love,Betrayed the family,Betrayed me。”Jiang Fan almost gritted his teeth and said these words。
“Hahaha。”Yuan Xiaoyan laughed,Then stop laughing,Said viciously:“You don’t make me any better!Don’t think i don’t know something about you,Left with me,Good to marry young,Delusion。”
“Don’t talk nonsense。”
“nonsense,Humph,You say i cheated,Is there evidence?but,I have your proof。”Talking,Took out two photos from the bag,Slap,Fell in front of him。
Jiang Fan took a look,Head“Hum”It’s big。
Two photos of Yuan Xiaojiao falling on the table,It’s him and Ding Yi sitting across from drinking coffee,And look ambiguous,Talking and laughing。Jiang Fan can’t remember that he and Ding Yi had coffee alone,Every time I go there is Lin Yan、Xiao Xu,Even Peng Changyi,So how did this photo come from?
He remembered what Yuan Xiaoyan said just now about forging evidence,Calm down slowly,Said:“You are false accusation,Manufacture false evidence,Don’t tell me about the photo,This can be identified by technology,also,The photos show the date,By the time I investigate, I will know if I have had coffee alone with this girl,If you really want to collect evidence,Will pay me back。”
Yuan Xiaoyan said with a sneer:“Yes,I admit it is the problem of photo framing,I only got what I needed,But think about it,Who would think you are innocent,Who will prove to you,Moreover,After your technical identification,Maybe it’s already a storm,you,And this girl,Maybe he was ruined a long time ago,Good party cadre,Peach Blossom Event,True or false,Who can survive?Not to mention,You are not innocent at all。”
Jiang Fan was so angry that his hands trembled,He put down the cup,Said something to her viciously:“You are so mean,And incurable!”then,Slapped the table,The cup of coffee splashed out,Pick up the jacket,Leave angrily。
He shivered with anger,The hand holding the steering wheel trembles,He doesn’t understand,Why did Yuan Xiaoyan become like this?,Sent someone to follow him,Can’t photograph him,Just make a fuss on the viewfinder,It seems,You really need to pay attention to Ding Yi from now on。He has invited Ding Yi to his residence many times,just,Ding Yi rarely agreed,Unless under the premise of ensuring safety,She was willing to come。Even though she wouldn’t expect anyone to take photos of them,She just has a simple idea,Just can’t cause trouble,Can’t make trouble for him,Kangzhou can’t stay anymore,I can go back to my hometown,But for officials,I will bear this stain on my back forever。
just,Why is Yuan Xiaoyan’s hands so long?,Actually stretched to Kangzhou?Is it,The builder sent someone to do it?did not expect,The plaza project carefully prepared,To attract ghosts for myself!
\tAt present, the builder has bought everyone around Jiang Fan,When spring this year,Zhang Huai and Wei Guocai came together to find him,Said it was an additional investment in the first phase of the Plaza project,Jiang Fan is puzzled,Additional investment in the first phase of the project,What about the second and third phases?He firmly disagrees,Wei Guocai said,From the end of last year,Building materials have seen a nationwide price increase,No additional investment,You Zengquan can’t do it。Jiang Fan said,The contract is clearly written,Party B advances,We must allocate funds according to the contract,Don’t mess up our financial outline because of him。Is it,This kid is putting pressure on himself for this reason?
Thought of here,He won’t be angry。Yuan Xiaojian,You colluded with him to fix me!While angry, he also felt sad for Yuan Xiaoyan,This woman,Completely used in the name of love。
whole,Can’t fall,Because currently they don’t have any handle on him and Ding Yi,He’s not afraid of them making a fuss on the photos,This can be checked,Just like what Yuan Xiaoyan said,Who will check it for you,I also know it’s angle and tailoring,but,Waiting for the day you investigate,I’m afraid it’s already full of storms,What everyone cares about is the event itself,Who would doubt its authenticity?He sighed softly,He is not afraid that they will make a fuss about it,just……He looked down at the villain in his arms,I’m just afraid his deer will be frightened。It seems,I should also think of some countermeasures,Not passively beaten。
Jiang Fan didn’t sleep almost all night,He already has insomnia,I can’t fall asleep even if there is something upsetting in my mind,He gently pulled out his arm,I’m afraid to wake her up。She slept very hard,Did not move overnight,Till young,Feel good。
Jiang Fan gets dressed,Crept into the bathroom,Did not wash your face,Just combed my hair,I took the door gently and walked out,He remembers that Ding Yi said he liked to eat tofu from the ancient street,I like to eat too。He swaggered downstairs with his bag,Deliberately turned around in front of the car,Then open the door,Seemingly unintentional, but actually deliberately observed the surroundings。he knows,Sneak shot,All have no photography skills,At best, take a fool’s machine,Sneak shots anytime,It’s not difficult to see from those two photos,Image quality is very poor。Relying on their skills,You can’t sneak a photo at night,No equipment,Even if you have equipment, you may not be able to use it,I usually choose to shoot secretly during the day,Because Ding will come out in a while,If there is a goal,He has to get away。