Makeup 4 principles summer acne tips

Makeup 4 principles summer acne tips

The high temperature in the summer makes the T-shaped part of the skin more oily, and also brings acne removal. I want to produce greasy skin and create flawless summer beauty.

  The summer weather is hot, the pores are becoming more and more obvious, and the T-shaped part is even more shiny. The most annoying thing is that the acne that has appeared on the fresh face has actually appeared.

  Adult acne no one wants acne on their face, but few people can’t develop acne all their lives.

After puberty, acne, called adult acne, often develops in the lower half of the cheeks and occurs repeatedly in the same area.

  Squeezing acne and leaving acne scars. Do not be good at squeezing acne by yourself, because squeezing acne can cause skin injury to become irritated, swollen, and damage the pores under the epidermis.The pustules burst accidentally when squeezed.

If you continue to squeeze the pustules roughly, it will give the bacteria a chance to spread, leaving acne scars that are difficult to erase.

  Makeup for shiny skin 4Principle 1.

Massage moisturizing cream with a moisturizing lotion is like helping the skin to prevent oil and water balance first, to avoid excessive secretion of oil. Before makeup, use a refreshing moisturizing lotion for a full face massage, which can strengthen the T-shaped part.


Applying a barrier cream Oily skin should not be exposed to the sun. A barrier cream with a sun protection factor that is more refreshing should be applied.


Oil control powder for make-up uses oil control powder that can absorb oil to make a powder mist makeup effect, and can achieve the effect of controlling oil secretion and absorbing excess oil.


Must use oil control products before makeup, some oil control products after makeup, lightly clamp to the sleeve.

  Recommended acne products In addition to the above daily care, Xiaobian also recommends several products specifically for acne skin, so that MM can also say goodbye to acne invasion in summer.

  DHC Butterfly Triss Anti-Acne Gel Essence Reference Price: ¥ 168.

00 / 65ml full face anti-acne requires thorough, local anti-acne requires invisible!

This anti-acne gel can improve skin’s transparency and reduce acne marks at the same time.

  Netizens use experience: after using the effect is beyond my imagination, a certain essence, the acne receded within two days, after using it again, I found that almost no traces of acne have been left,My heart is so beautiful, now I plan to use it before buying.

  Editor’s comment: Somewhere in between, the absorption, moisturization is very good, and the skin is more delicate.

Can effectively remove acne and reduce acne marks.

  VICHY Vichy Oil Regulating Acne Essence Reference Price: ¥ 148.

00 / 15ml is suitable for oily or physiological acne skin. It can control the production of excess oil, tighten the pores, and obviously improve the skin texture, make the skin smooth and the blemishes disappear.

Acne and sudden blemishes are immediately relieved, redness and swelling gradually subside, and acne is unlikely to recur.

Relieve the excessive secretion of local skin oil, prevent the emergence of new acne acne, discomfort in the acne area disappears, and gradually no longer redness.

  Netizens use experience: absorb it thickly and put it on wherever there are peas, and after one time it will be absorbed and become transparent.

Its nature is very mild, it will not feel irritating to use, a soy bean, apply it on a layer at night, it will be small the next day when you wake up.

Use it about 3 times in a row, basically Peas can be eliminated, I think it’s really good, it is worth recommending Editor’s comment: there is no substitute for safety, it can inhibit acne.

  freeplus Fu Lifang silk anti-acne serum reference price: 200.

00/15 ml has the same PH value as the skin and is weakly acidic.

While preventing acne, protect the skin from external stimuli and keep the skin smooth and smooth.

With bactericidal effect, it can prevent acne and skin swelling early.

Suppresses excessive sebaceous gland secretion, tightens pores, and prevents greasy skin.

Excluding the moisturizing feeling of oil, it can keep skin supple.

  Netizens use experience: This persistent use also has a certain effect of reducing acne marks, as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Apply to areas with acne after water.

At first BA suggested using cotton swabs, but it was too wasteful. Later, I kept applying it by hand.
No need to apply lotion afterwards.
After applying this, you must pay attention to sun protection, so it is best to use at night.

  Editor’s comment: glue moisture, refreshing and oil-free, the design of the dropper is very hygienic.

  Herborist Herborist Shuying Acne Essence Reference Price: ¥ 120.

00 / 15ml saffron has the effect of activating blood.

Peony skin clears heat and cools blood, promotes blood circulation and whitens.

Honeysuckle clears heat and detoxifies.

Aloe clears heat and detoxifies and sterilizes.

  User experience: The price is not particularly expensive, and the drip irrigation design is very hygienic.

After washing face, apply on acne and massage until absorbed.

After waiting for absorption, start basic care. After waiting for basic care, click this again in a particularly serious place.

Then on the second day, I will feel that the anti-inflammatory effect is very good, and it will not be red. Basically, I will recover in 4 to 6 days. I am very happy, and I do n’t think it is irritating.

  Editor’s comment: Can curb the deterioration of acne and effectively remove acne.

  FANCL no added acne essence reference price: ¥ 210.

00 / 8g quickly soothes acne inflammation, redness and swelling, inhibits acne reproduction and allows you to quickly remove the origin of acne.

With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it can repair rough parts due to inflammation, and quickly restore smooth skin.

  Netizens experience: I use this essence after cleaning it.

At night, there is more oil secretion, and it is usually acne at night!

It feels a little itchy after applying it, and it’s not very comfortable!

But it’s kind of mild to get rid of acne. The frequency of acne is indeed much less!

Not bad.

Very refreshing.

  Editor’s comment: Mild and non-irritating, it has the effect of stabilizing the skin, and the effect of acne is good.