Shake your head,Sighed,Now everyone’s emotions are unstable,Still considering how to deal with the worst plan。

A black car is silent in the fruit plate downstairs。
Inside the car,Jianqiao University principal Rosek’s face,Brow,Whether it is color or a special,Can’t see the scenery of the week。
In fact,He did not sleep last night last night.。
Several phones are frequently entered in his private phones.。
“Rosske,Your place is disappointed……If you still want to sit this position,An apologize to Qinghai University delegation immediately,Please forgive your arrogance and rude。”
“Mr. Rossk,You have trouble.……”
“Rossk!asshole!What are you doing?!”
This is the content of last night phone,And the people who call,All is a big jealous of Roske’s crime.。
Especially after I learned that the Claire family happened last night.,Rosske is completely dumbfounded。
He didn’t think of it.,Just sell the Clare family a small person,It turned out to be like this。
nervous,Fear,disturbed……He spent overnight in such emotions。 “Mr. Rossk,They came。”
At this time,Sitting on the assistant in the secondary driving position。
Rosske is now awake,No one is hesitant,Open the door。
Four cars caught in a row,Parking,Walking four old people wearing a formal suit。
Their looks never reachable than Roske。
“Old friend,It seems that you have also got news.。”Rossk smirk,“Now we must have the same as the pug.,Apologize the Chinese people named Fang Dean,Pray for his forgiveness,Do you have any opinions??”
Four people’s face is difficult to see the pole。
Obvious,They also received relevant notices。
“Rossk,I heard that there have been some things happened last night.……”One of them carefully inquired。
“Be right,I have already determined,True。”
A word of Rossk,Thoroughly broke four people’s fantasies。
“Now what we have to do now,Not to care about the Clare family,But us……Need to get the forgiveness of the Orient。”
Rosk’s voice is full of helplessness,“God bless you,I hope that the Chinese people and the legendary,They are humble and generous people。”
After the end,Not in nonsense,Take the hotel。
Different four people oppose each other,Step by step。