“Let me see。”Zhou Niwu is also the first time to face the doctor’s advice on Wuhan.。

He toss it with a keyboard,It is also a blind man.,blind
NS179chapter Severe patient
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Chen Riyuan is anxious,Let Zi Ye are also panicked.。
He hurriedly looks at the test list on the computer.。
This is a single electrolyte test list,Zhou Ye quickly glassed a look。
Blood potassium,29ol/L!
Zhou Niwu is also can’t control the explosion export:“Medium low potassium。”
“Yes,Hurry to make potassium,This newGPatients with pneumonia are weak,Low potassium will increase the paralysis of the ventilator,Waiting for the next accidental blood oxygen。”Chen Riyuan opens the medical system and prepares pine potassium。
Electrolyte disorders have always been one of the causes of death!
What’s more, still maintaining myocardial excitement of potassium ions!
Zhou Ye is also instantaneous,Understand why Chen Riyuan is so anxiously。
“This electrolyte report order is still during the day.,What is the doctor here?,That patient is boy?”Chen Riyuan looked at the medical advice system directly.。
What Nima is getting?
afternoon1Apart report,I have been at night.6Point has not given a symptomatic treatment?
“The doctor now,Really not reported,I don’t know how to deal with it.。”Chen Riyuan is a little overgrown。
Fortunately, this patient’s diet is still,Otherwise, it is estimated that the situation will be worse.。
Chen Riyuan looked at this doctor’s system,Suddenly somewhat awkward。
He wants to go to the doctor,But I found that this doctor’s system is not useful.。
The medical advice and Tianfeng City here is different.!
“Xiao Wu,You come to help me see this doctor’s system,How http://www.szkssk.cn to,I want to supplement potassium。”Chen Riyuan asks to help。
“Let me see。”Zhou Niwu is also the first time to face the doctor’s advice on Wuhan.。
He toss it with a keyboard,It is also a blind man.,Joining。
Ok, good luck,I have brought a few minutes to understand。
“director,How much?”Zhou Ye asked。
Chen Riyuan is surprised to look at Zhou Ye:“Sure enough, it is a young man.,I understand this system at once.。”
At this point he is no longer as anxious.。
But this panic is Zhou Ye.,Because Chen Riyuan said:“You look at it.。”
Look at?
My day……God pit。
It’s a simple thing in the potassium.。
Zhou Ye is skilled in the doctor:“15lPotassium chloride released500lof09Sodium chloride solution,Then oral chloride slow release tablets1g tid……”
“Chen Shu,sookDo not?”Zhou Ye is still quite satisfied http://www.gaoweishan.cn with his doctor’s doctor.。
Since the change of Chen Shu,The distance between the two seems to be close to a lot.。
Chen Riyuan looked at this doctor,Nod:“OK,It is still very good to supplement potashis.。”