Lost the prediction of tactical moves,Lost O’Neal as a pillar inside。

Kobe’s performance,Still driving the team’s performance,Lost to Jordan。
Jordan, who paddled in the second and third quarters,Stand up in the fourth quarter,The magical performance of 12 shots in a single quarter,Take down21Minute。
Bryant fought with Pippen in the third quarter,Faced with Jordan and the Bulls in the crucial fourth quarter,11 shots for three,Just win9Minute。
Fiasco,Kobe’s dullness also silenced the Lakers’ locker room。
Their performance in the fourth quarter,It’s too bad。
Can’t attack!Can’t help!
Kobe Attracts Double Team,Pass the ball to them for an open shot,They still can’t score。
The rookies of the Lakers who went smoothly this season,This is the first time I have experienced such a high-intensity confrontation,Their performance made me a little ashamed。
Kobe looks around,If it was the last life,He will slap his face angrily to his teammates,Scold。
And now,He is more sensible。
“Practice today,Practice all night!”
competition is over,The storm is far from over。
《League first change?》
The Bulls gave a heavy blow to the Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant yesterday.,The league’s No. 1 Lakers have their fifth defeat of the season。
competition is over,Bull currently43Win6negative,Lakers41Win5negative。The records of the two league leaders are almost equal。