Although I don’t want to bully the elderly,But now Naruto can’t control so much,It’s all for peace,Besides,Naruto has not forgotten the Holy Grail。

“Is there only one person.”
Naruto looks around,According to the information provided by Siyue,There should be four servants summoned by SHIELD。
Although Naruto’s strength is definitely much higher than that of age spots,But it does not mean that he can solve age spots in an instant,If he and his age spots are shaking,Other S.H.I.E.L.D. servants attacked the people behind them,Naruto has no time to defend。
and so,Naruto directly put on a defensive posture,Waiting for the support of Sasuke and others in the village。
But with Naruto’s father’s endorsement,Shun Huo has a lot more courage,Directly order Huoyun Cthulhu and Big Big Wolf to participate in this Holy Grail War,Responsible for intercepting support for other ninjas from Konoha Village except Sasuke。
In case it’s the finale,When the time comes, put the pot on the head of SHIELD Bureau,Plus Naruto’s father’s endorsement,It’s not easy to wash white。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven
The other side。
Sasuke’s House in Konoha Village。
“mom,what happened?”
Zolena rubbing her eyes,From my bedroom to the brightly lit living room,Followed by the girl Sakura。
“It seems that something happened in the village,Your father went to help。”
Although I’m worried,But the adult Kozakura still showed a relaxed expression that nothing major happened。
“Something big happened in the village?”Zolena frowned and thought for a while,Suddenly reacted,“Could it be that,The Holy Grail War started!”
Let’s talk about the most likely event in the village recently,Then there is only the Holy Grail War。