Mo Xiaoxiao nodded quickly,“Correct,That was the first time I invited Dong to dinner,Haha……”

Mo Ruchu also knew about it,Can’t help but glance at Lin Dong’s hand,Seems okay,It’s not that rough anymore。
I didn’t seem to feel anything before shaking hands。
“Nothing,Actually come to western restaurant,It doesn’t matter whether you eat or not,It’s good to see,You will encounter many occasions like this in the future,It doesn’t matter with us,But some people can’t,They will think you are rude。
Even look down on you for it,Classify you as a rough and uncultivated。”
Words from Mo Ruchu,Makes sense,Lin Dong also understands,Nod,Smiled lightly:“Birds of a feather flock together,Since it’s not the same,Then don’t associate。”
Mo Ruchu took a sip of wine,Took a look at Lin Dong,Then cut the steak down,Also said:“It’s as simple as you said,That’s good,unfortunately,In this circle,Many times it’s involuntary。”
Finished,Fork with a small piece of beef,In the mouth,Chewing slowly。
Red lips wriggle,There is an inexplicable sense of fragrance。
Lin Dong looked away from Mo Ruchu’s red lips,Move to her eyes,Just said lightly:“This is the conflict between personality and survival philosophy,Not discuss!”
Mo Ruchu also looked at Lin Dong’s eyes,Finally nodded,But no longer say anything。
Chen Lan thoughtful,I seem to understand what Lin Dong said。
Only Mo Xiaoxiao,Unaware。