“This is interesting,I can have more fun in the future。”

Shen Ruoxue nodded repeatedly and replied,It seems that she is really interested in this。
“no problem,How about I let your sister Yanzi take you all the Shen sisters to play together tonight??”
Qin Liang asked with a smile。
“Okay okay!That’s great!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately replied happily。
This Qin Liang also started to fall into trouble,In order to coax the big group of girls at home,He also really spared no effort to figure out everything。It was originally a training room used to train regular street fighting,Is about to be transformed into a large casino by him……
Of course Yang Zhiqiang’s sons Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo will not have any opinion,Can use this rare opportunity to accompany their own“Sweetheart”,They are too happy,How could there be any objections,At this moment,In each of them,Only my sweetheart,Everything else was thrown behind my head。
But I really want to thank Qin Liang,Had it not been for Qin Liang’s convenience,,It’s impossible for them to have such a good opportunity to be with them“Sweetheart”Together。
Played such a large scale“Gunfight”After the game,Even Shen Ruoxue feels tired,So the four juniors went back to the dormitory to rest.,And Qin Liang and the others can also take a breather and rest。
“how about it?You guys are happy?Would you like to thank your boss me?”
Once back to the men’s dormitory,Qin Liang couldn’t wait to start asking for credit。