“Discord,Delayed my eating crayfish。”

Shen Ruoxue doesn’t plan to continue playing tricks with Liu Xiaoyun,Right,Talking will definitely affect her speed at eating crayfish,For a while,I’ve delayed her eating a few more!
“Eat less,Be careful to eat too much,When I sleep at night I become a crayfish and crawl everywhere。”
Liu Xiaoyun didn’t give up,Still ridicule Shen Ruoxue。
“That’s good,Then I will be the first to crawl into the bed,Then let me give birth to a brood of baby lobsters。”
Shen Ruoxue started talking nonsense……
“Shen Ruoxue!What nonsense?!Such a big girl,Ashamed?”
Chapter three thousand and sixty two Who can’t live with the red envelope
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Chapter three thousand and sixty two Who can’t live with the red envelope
As a result, Liu Xiaoyun hasn’t had time to answer,Shen Ruoxue’s“roar”But arrived first!
“I just joked with her,This doesn’t work either?Moreover,I’m talking about letting her give me baby lobster,And didn’t say you have another baby。”
Shen Ruoxue was not convinced,But I knew it was wrong,So when it comes to rebutting, it’s obviously unassuming。
Chen Hao pulled Shen Ruoxi in time,Then after a few words in Shen Ruoxi’s ear,Shen Ruoxi actually didn’t speak anymore,As if nothing happened just now!
Shen Ruoxi’s original intention to discipline her sister was correct,But actually she doesn’t need to be so serious,Shen Ruoxue just told Liu Xiaoyun these jokes,Didn’t talk to outsiders like that,It’s actually very common to make big-scale jokes between best friends,Most of the best friends are actually like this,Including Shen Ruoxi and several of her own girlfriends are actually the same。
What Chen Hao said to Shen Ruoxi just now is:Don’t discipline your sisters in this way in public,Not only hurts their self-esteem,Will certainly not have any effect,And it also damages the overall image of the Shen family……