And Si Shoujing pressed him about Ou Baobao,He also said Ou Zhaozhao’s name to test if he knew something。

Si Guangnian hesitated,Chose to lie。He said that only when the baby Ou is a fan visited the school,Said it was his younger sister to prevent being kicked out。As for the name Ou Zhaozhao,Si Guangnian worked hard to keep his expression as usual,No indication,It seems that this is something I have never heard of,Just a strange name。
Si Shou, respectful and unbelievable,Si Guangnian doesn’t care,but,He is at home,Called by Bai Ling to change the light bulb,The ladder fell,He tried to protect his head,Still fell his arm and profile。
This means,Si Guangnian grew up,Really experienced countless。
At first he tried to explain to Si Shoujing,It’s not that he is naughty,Bai Ling made him climb。Si Shoujing didn’t believe it at all。then,Because I have bruises from time to time,The school teacher brought people from the Conservation Association to investigate,But whether it’s Si Shoujing Bailing or Si Fan,Even the neighbors around,All testified that he was mischievous,Fell by himself,There is no abuse。
after this,He realized what was wrong in a daze。But it’s too late。People around,In everyone’s eyes,He is just a naughty and naive,Love toss,To attract attention,Mentally unhealthy and beautiful,poor child.
Si Guangnian has never tried to resist,Don’t listen to Bai Ling,Not cleaning the windows,Not going to the roof to sweep the fallen leaves,Not picking fruit from the tree,In short,Just don’t go to high places。then,Bai Ling would use an extremely tactful way to complain to Si Shoujing,Probably means that her stepmother,Unqualified,Sorry kid or something.
Then Si Shoujing will hit him。Don’t listen or ignore,Just hit him。Also said,Filial son,He is so disobedient,Is owed。
The Chinese tradition of beating children,The whole world seems to know。Manned,Someone pretends not to see。
When Si Guangnian was beaten,Have been rescued several times,then,He learned to be obedient again,protect yourself。
For example, check it first when climbing a ladder,Look at your shoes when you go on the roof,Tie yourself a rope when you go up the tree。
Si Guangnian is looking for a physical education teacher,Learned how to fall down,Protect yourself as much as possible,Minimize damage。
Before he applies these to Ruhuo innocent,After never being seriously injured,Bai Ling finally gave up,Changed another way to torture him。
Si Guangnian think about it now,This is not torture,But murder。Bai Ling didn’t change his method because he would protect himself,But because of knowing,He grew up,Won’t fall to death easily。at least,window,roof,Canopy,Won’t fall him to death。
And the murders experienced in childhood,How could Si Guangnian forget?。He was deliberately hooked,I want to see what Bai Ling wants to do。Also want to see,After many years,After returning home,After knowing that Ms. Ou Zhaozhao is here,What would Si Shoujing do?.
And these plans and purposes,Because it was based on the many murders and abuses he experienced as a child。Si Guangnian didn’t want my treasure to know。
Half felt unnecessary,The other half feel embarrassed。
That’s why I keep not receiving videos。
but,to be frank,In his heart,Deepest,The most secret location,Really have a very small wish——You can ask him why he didn’t take the video。