Weekly Wine News | Guizhou Liquor Exchange was fined; wine imports temporarily shut down

Weekly Wine News | Guizhou Liquor Exchange was fined; wine imports temporarily “shut down”
◆ The new blue and white wine estate Langfang Manor was unveiled, and the classic commemorative title wine was launched on March 26. The first blue and white wine gathering ceremony was held at the Red Wine Pavilion of Langjiu Manor. More than 5 million netizens passed the Langjiu Official Live Room and other live broadcast platforms online.Watch.In this grand ceremony, the brand-shared Paradise Langjiu Blue and White Garden was unveiled, and the Blue and White Lang · Classic Wing Chuan title commemorative wine was also officially released.Fu Rao, general manager of Langjiu Co., Ltd., said that upgrading from a factory to Langjiu Manor to build a blue and white community is to create a platform for consumer interaction to provide consumers with exclusive products, exclusive services and exclusive value.◆ Distribution of Guizhou Moutai: Cancellation of the distribution rights of the Maotai liquor subsidiary of the Guizhou Liquor Exchange Subsidiary Guizhou Moutai Liquor Sales Company announced on March 27 that the recent marketing activities of the Moutai liquor by the Guizhou Liquor Exchange Co., Ltd. have caused serious Maotai brand imageAdverse effects.According to the “Guizhou Moutai Liquor (Special) Distribution Contract”, it decided to cancel its holding subsidiary Guizhou Baijiuhui E-commerce Co., Ltd.’s Moutai Liquor distribution right and terminate the distribution contract.◆ Increase the capital of Shanxi Fenjiu to increase the capital of Zhuyeqing Company on March 24. On March 24, the Shanxi Fenjiu Board of Directors passed the capital increase indicator and intends to increase the capital of the wholly-owned subsidiary Shanxi Xinghuacun Zhuyeqingjiu Marketing Co., Ltd. (“Zhuyeqing Company” for short) 6One billion US dollars for Zhuyeqing brand building, market expansion, the promotion of innovative plates of characteristic Chinese herbal medicines, and the digital upgrade of the entire industry chain.On the same day, the evidence that Zhuyeqing Company was renamed “Shanxi Xinghua Village Zhuyeqing Industry Co., Ltd.” was also approved by the board of directors.◆ Performance Pearl River Beer: Last year, beer sales broke 125 months, and net profit increased by 36%. On March 24, Pearl River Beer released its 2019 annual report.Last year the company completed 125 beer sales.In 79 years, it increased by 1 every year.48%.Operating income 42.$ 4.4 billion, an annual increase of 5.06%.Net profit attributable to mother 4.9.7 billion, an annual increase of 35.77%.Basic income 0.22 yuan.The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 1 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares.The company is about to hold an online antique 2019 annual performance briefing on April 2.◆ Wine imports European wine production, logistics “shut down”, small importers may be under pressure to squeeze the spread of new coronary pneumonia epidemic spread to Europe, the production and supply of imported wine has also received attention.According to insiders, the sauna and Yewang revealed that the current European wine production and logistics are basically in a state of suspension, and many products cannot be exported smoothly to China.Large importers are mostly cleaning up the Spring Festival inventory, and channel sales have not been affected temporarily; small importers will face the risk of channel cuts and customer loss if the original inventory is not large, and the entire imported wine industry will accelerate the reshuffle.◆ Market supervision or alcohol content, or cyclamate, 4 alcoholic beverages in Guizhou Province failed. On March 26, the official website of the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced that there were 4 expected alcoholic beverages in the 4 types of food supervision and sampling recently organized by the bureauUnqualified, unqualified products involve alcohol content, cyclamate (calculated as cyclohexyl sulfamic acid) index.Regarding the unqualified foods found in the random inspection, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has instructed the relevant cities and autonomous prefecture market supervision departments to investigate and deal with them according to law.At the same time, the market supervision department of Zunyi City and Qiandongnan Prefecture has urged food production enterprises to clarify the flow of products, recall unqualified products, and analyze the reasons for rectification.◆ Equity Incentive Tsingtao Brewery: Plans to launch 13.5 million share equity incentive plans. On March 23, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. released an A share equity incentive plan (expenditure).0 at the time of the announcement.9993%.The plan involved the first award of some 660 incentive objects, accounting for 39,320 employees at the end of 2018.68%.◆ Contract disputes Luzhou Laojiao 1.500 million USD deposits were only recovered from 20 million. On March 27, Luzhou Laojiao issued an announcement showing that the company and the Agricultural Bank welcomed the new branch1.The US $ 5 trillion budget expenditure dispute case has been finalized, and the company has resumed the Changsha deposit case involving contract dispute reserve 2023.990,000 yuan.In fact, in addition to the deposit, there are 3 old warehouses in Luzhou.500 million deposits have also been “missing.”However, Luzhou Laojiao also started technological transformation, raising funds through the issuance of bonds to enhance its core competitiveness.◆ On March 27, Fuyi Group’s official micro announced that it had recently successfully cooperated with the Xiamen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau to seize a large number of “parallel imports” of wine and spirits wines without Chinese labels, including “Penfolds Benfu” brand wines.After the end of the case, the relevant dealers were sentenced to more than 13 million yuan of notes, which is 6 times the value of the relevant goods.◆ Restoring and resuming production of Hubei wine company Daohuaxiang wine industry will open for business, packaging capacity will be increased to 90% or more1,800 homes.With the return of all employees, the production capacity of the wine industry packaging center will be increased to more than 90%.On March 23, after the first batch of 480,000 wine bottles from Hubei Jingbo Group arrived at the factory, the machines in the workshop of Daohuaxiang Wine Industry Packaging Center also started operation.On the same day, the arrival rate of workers reached 50%, and the production capacity of the workshop was restored by 30%.It is reported that the workshop staff will resume work in batches in batches, and all staff will return to work on the 25th.◆ Personnel Guizhou Maotai legal representative changed to Gao Weidong, Li Baofang and many others withdrew from the sauna of senior executives. Yewang learned from Tianyan that Guizhou Moutai Wine Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Guizhou Maotai”) conducted a businessInformation changes, Li Baofang stepped down as chairman of Maotai, legal representative, Gao Weidong took over, another 10 people withdrew from the ranks of senior management, 7 people took over.This means that the Maotai leadership team in Guizhou has basically completed the transition.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Jingjing Pictures Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau screenshot editing editor Xu Jingjing proofreading Li Ming