Women appear these instructions to amenorrhea!


Women’s amenorrhea age and precautions

Women appear these instructions to amenorrhea!
Women’s amenorrhea age and precautions

Menstruation is very important for any woman. We will find that many women will always have temper after amenorrhea, and women after amenorrhea will age very quickly.

So what kind of symptoms do women suggest that amenorrhea?

Let’s take a look!

Symptoms before menopause in women 1. The period of menstrual rhythm changes is prolonged, the interval between menstrual periods is prolonged, or two or three months are not coming, and the natural law is restored after a few months.

Such menopause alternates with regular behavior and can last for one or two years.

Some women have too many menstrual cycles before shortening the cycle.

2, the appearance of blood changes the blood color becomes light, pink, and even black, mixed with small blood clots and fiber fragments.

The amount of menstrual blood has also changed, and some women have gradually reduced their blood volume.

However, there is an increase in bleeding or major bleeding.

The length of the menstrual period has also changed, and some have gradually become shorter, while others have extended the menstrual period and can last for 10 days.

3, facial flushing fever from the bottom began to spread up to the entire face, the face often has significant vasodilation, redness, body sweating.

At the same time, dizziness, dizziness, and flushing are different. Some continuous faces replace redness, but they may be repeated and serious.

4, autonomic dysfunction, limb numbness especially in the nighttime limbs abnormal, sputum, lower limbs heavy, legs do not know where to put, small stomach pain, palpitation, pre-cardiac pain, headache, dizziness, insomnia and syncope.
Often irritable, emotionally nervous, tempered, sometimes suspicious and depressed.

Women’s amenorrhea age and precautions have shown that the difference in individual age of women with amenorrhea, in general, the most important factor determining the age of women in menopause is the number of oocytes.

At the birth of each baby girl, the ovaries are roughly several million oocytes. As the age increases, the number of oocytes in the body will gradually decrease. When the number of oocytes is reduced to a critical amount,Amenorrhea will occur, this time is the woman’s amenorrhea age.

Women in different regions have different ages of amenorrhea: in general, women who are short, underweight, and boring are relatively younger than men who are strong, nutritious, and moderately aging.4 years old; chronic chronic wasting disease, abnormal endocrine, metabolic disorders, women with amenorrhea are older than healthy women of the same age; sexual life is not harmonious, husband and wife relationship is not harmonious, women with long-term depression are also relatively amenorrhea ageBe early.

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