It is said that geniuses often have various psychological problems,I hope Wang Yufei won’t be like this!

“mom,Where do you take us for a big meal today??”Guo Xiaoyi asked his mother affectionately。
“Ask your dad!”Han Qian said angrily。
There was no comparison before,I don’t think there is anything wrong with my child。But Wang Yufei only came one day, so Han Qian started to feel somewhat“Dislike”My daughter。
They are all about the same age,What is my daughter??!Indifferent limbs and grains,It’s okay to eat and drink every day,I still come here to play a little trick from time to time。
Looking at people,Ok,Don’t you say,The noodles that Wang Yufei baked in the morning with the cooked millet porridge are quite fragrant.……
Thought of here,Han Qian looked at Wang Yufei, who was standing next to Zhou Sicheng in the shade。
Hey,This kid still can’t communicate,The girl kept saying,Why didn’t you see him say something??
“Hey,Wang Yufei,What is Daowang Village like??”
“what?That’s it!”
“Forget it,Tell me what you said when you called out Teacher Chen?”