Qin Liang immediately agreed。

“Didn’t know before,I heard you say that today,To understand the other side you don’t know,It was so cruel,So dangerous,May leave us at any time……”
Liu Rushi looked at Qin Liang worriedly。
“No la……Danger is danger,But who are we?Special forces,The best shadow force fighter in the world,Everyone is the master,Don’t look at Liu Xiaoyun’s age,let me tell you,Seven,Eight men together,Can’t beat her,”
Qin Liang brags for his apprentice……Liu Xiaoyun does have good skills now,Hit four at the same time,Five men who don’t know how to martial arts,Seven,Eight is enough……
“how about you?How good are you?”
Of course Liu Rushi cares most about Qin Liang,The better he is,The greater the chance of surviving on the battlefield。
“Me……Hehe,I’m not bragging for myself,I’m the king of the world,Is the most powerful king among all the special forces soldiers in the world,Do you get it?Our Dragon Soul Force,Is recognized as the strongest special operations force in the world,And I am the highest military commander of this force,So you think I’m great?”
Qin Liang said nonchalantly。
“Ok……Then I feel more relieved。”
Liu Rushi let out a sigh of relief,A stone in my heart fell to the ground。
“Ha ha,So you are worried about me?It’s okay,I am not that easy to die,I can’t bear to die now,Your body still needs me to take care of it……Haha。”
Qin Liang’s wretched smile,And then made another hand rubbing motion……
“Get out of here!”
Liu Rushi waved her small fist,Punched Qin Liang in the chest。
“Ha ha,Calm,Don’t you forget,You are a lady,Is a goddess,Say Ha to be gentle,Kindness。“
Qin Liang laughed proudly。
”I can’t help you lady……You pervert!“