How to do 7 kinds of fruits to put out the fire in winter?


How to do 7 kinds of fruits to put out the fire in winter?

In winter, it is easy to cause stomach and lung fire. Therefore, we must pay attention to the reasonableness and standard of diet in winter. What should we do if we have already got angry?

Let’s take a look at what fruit to eat in the winter!

What kind of fruit can you play to reduce the fire?

Recommend a few fruits for you to help you extinguish the “fire enthusiasm” in the winter.

銆€銆€What fruit to eat on fire in winter 1.

Mangosteen is commonly known as the 鈥淨ueen of Fruits鈥? It is cold and cold. It has the function of relieving heat and cooling. It can dissolve phlegm, moisturize and reduce fire. After eating the durian of Dabu, eat the mangosteen and have the effect of clearing heat, and the mangosteen is rich in flesh.Dietary fiber, sugar, vitamins and magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other mineral elements, have a certain effect on beauty skin.


Bananas generally think that it is best to eat bananas in a fire. Chinese medicine believes that bananas are sweet and sweet, and they are non-toxic. They have the functions of clearing heat and quenching thirst, clearing the stomach and cooling blood, relieving laxatives, and reducing blood pressure and diuresis.

For thirst, constipation and other yin deficiency dryness or blood heat stagnation is especially good.

If the spleen and stomach are imaginary, people with insufficient yang will eat the bananas, but the virtual fire will be more prosperous.


Pear fruit: Shengjin, moistening, clearing heat, phlegm and other effects, suitable for fever, polydipsia, thirst, heat, cough, suffocation, sputum, thirst, aching, red eyes, digestionbad.

Eating pears in winter has a clear heart, moisturizes the lungs, lowers the fire, stimulates the body, nourishes the kidneys, and nourishes the yin.

Basically, it also has the effect of moistening the lungs, eliminating phlegm, clearing heat and detoxifying.


Oranges and oranges are rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, citric acid, etc., which have the effect of thirst, qi and phlegm, spleen and warm stomach, relieve greasy, eliminate food, clear bowels, go to the fireDry, sobering and other effects, eat more can prevent gallbladder disease, enhance capillary disease, reduce blood cholesterol, and promote the body’s ability to absorb drugs.


Apple apple pear sugar and potassium salt, with the effect of thirst, lungs and spleen, nourishing the heart and qi, can promote metabolic peristalsis, regulate the stomach, cure constipation and help digestion, and can maintain blood sugar stability, conversion and lower cholesterol,Prevent the effects of gallstones.


Sugarcane sugar cane has the function of nourishing and clearing heat, and is rich in nutrients.

As a refreshing supplement, it has a certain effect on the treatment of hypoglycemia, dry stool, unfavorable urination, nausea and vomiting, hypothermia cough and high fever and polydipsia.

However, due to the coldness of sugar cane, people with spleen and stomach deficiency and stomach pain are not suitable for consumption.


Grapefruit grapefruit is a ripe fruit in autumn. Because it is thick and resistant to hide, it is an ideal choice for such cold winters. Grapefruit is known as 鈥渃anned natural fruit鈥?

It contains very rich protein, organic acids, vitamins and essential elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium, which are unmatched by other fruits.

In addition to high nutritional value, it also has a stomach, qi and phlegm, lungs and intestines, blood and spleen and other effects, can promote appetite, cure indigestion and other symptoms, qi and dissipate.

It can promote wound healing and has a good auxiliary effect on septicemia.

It is easy to get angry in winter, and grapefruit can reduce anger and suppress oral ulcers.