Let me answer your yoga question

Let me answer your yoga question

In general physical exercise, the external beauty is often valued, but the internal things are rarely taken into account.

Yoga is different. While sculpting your external image, it also gives you a source of inner strength.

  Can yoga and sauna work together?


Yoga and sauna are generally considered to have a body-building effect. If yoga and sauna are combined, the effect is more perfect.

  This is hot yoga.

The training venue of high-temperature yoga requires a certain high temperature-about 42 ° C. The purpose is to stimulate the internal tissues and lymph glands of the whole body at high temperatures, rebalance the body’s natural chemistry and hormonal standards, so as to adjust the body’sInternal and external functions are lacking in ordinary yoga.

In addition, the arrangement of high-temperature yoga movements is basically fixed 26 movements, which are divided into random combinations of ordinary yoga movements.

Due to special requirements for trainers, high-temperature yoga requires people who are particularly weak or have low blood pressure to be suitable for rest during practice.

  Can I practice yoga at home alone?

  of course.

First of all, choose a thick and suitable cushion that can support your spine. It is not too soft or too hard.

It’s best to wear loose clothes and bare feet, and pay attention to removing watches, belts or other accessories.

In essence, it is appropriate to practice yoga on an empty stomach, and it is best to do it three or four hours after a meal.

After the exercise, eat 30-40 minutes later.

Finally, don’t force yourself when doing movements. Beginners’ muscles or ligaments often improve their flexibility and suppleness after a few weeks of regular practice.

Of course, finding some meditation music to complement the practice is also an alternative that cannot be ignored.

  I’m pregnant, can I still practice yoga as usual?


Specific analysis.

In particular, women after menstruation and after two months of pregnancy are not suitable for yoga practice.

However, if within two months of pregnancy, pregnant women can properly practice yoga, replacing weight and physique, and adjusting the fetal position. In addition, pregnant women can start yoga practice after two months of childbirth.

  Why does my neck hurt every time I do sit-ups?

  Incorrect posture is the culprit.

Cross your hands behind your head, and support the back of your head to complete the action, which will cause our cervical joints to overextend.

The long-term chance of causing cervical spine injury is very high.

  The correct way to exercise your abdominal muscles is to “roll your abdomen.”

Lie on a flat mat with your legs bent, your legs bent at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the ground. Abdomen. Pay attention to your hands on your chest, not behind your head!

The jaw is slightly retracted, and the abdominal muscles are slowly tightened. Leave the cushion adjacent to control it and then restore it.

Note that the lumbar spine does not leave the cushion, it is sufficient to leave the middle and upper part of the back, just like a “half-length” sit-up.

“Belly abdomen” allows the entire spinal cord to flex and stretch, which not only protects the cervical spine but also isolates and exercises the abdominal muscles.

  Really good ideas Many people always have no time to exercise, but sometimes it only takes a minute.

For example, when you are waiting at the fax machine, you can use the waiting time to exercise your calf muscles: 1.

Keep your feet slightly apart and put your hands on your hips.


Stomp your feet, raise your body with the power of your arch, and then your heels fall to the ground.


Repeat this action endlessly.