Truth,During this period, you will pick up your life.,Let him fall into a sensitiveity that he can’t notice it.。

First Gu Hai Zhong is kidnapped,Then the world’s top business summit is held in the country of Mosso,If you also participate in Xia Xue or Liu Qingqing……Don’t think too much。 Now make sure Xia Xue and Liu Qingqing will not participate.,Also let him breathe。 “It […]

The three horrible figure came here,The owner of the three shadows is hurting the mother of the mother.,Jinshan Emperor,Liu Sheng sword three,The three people come in the Buddha’s pointers in the face.。

“Zombie!” Braho God teaches the main son:“Zombie,Nine-soven,Among them, the noise of the zombies disappeared.,But my bitter is touching this breath.,It is the one in the beginning of Lin Feng.。” “good,Nine zombies,There is also a breath of gold。”Jinshan Emperor Shen Sheng:“Golden breath,not good,Also with a corpse。” […]

“How is it so embarrassed??It should be our。You can promise to help sell it, it’s too busy.!”

Both people can’t fight,It is considered that the other party has helped。 “Milk,Let’s go to Lin grandfather to eat.!The little uncle came to our home.,Don’t care about it because you eat a meal.!” Niu Niu speaking on his own thinking。It is also true,Suddenly, I want […]

After the palace clear, after Deli Wen,I haven’t seen it.LPL,Just like watching the game,Also came to the live broadcast room。

no way,Deli Wen in Palace,Indeed in this attraction。 And under the blessings of the number,This brushing infarction,It is directly to play the water from the live broadcast.。 This is also a trust,JDGThe situation in the situation is now。 after all,The mentality of their own fans […]