Can’t lose!

One-on-one with Kobe can’t lose! Jordan accelerates again! “Caught up!Jordan strides to catch up with Kobe。” “How will Kobe end??Will he be guarded by Michael?” Jordan is behind! Kobe knows this well! Then it can only be deducted! Layup too dangerous。 Must dunk! Kobe kicks […]

Although he can’t play guitar,But fortunately, the original owner will!

The original owner has been very proficient in playing and singing since childhood,Like his father and grandpa,Or a very famous inheritor of local folk music。 In high school,The original owner became famous for playing guitar at school,It’s just that they are all school guitars,After high […]

Before entering,Pickled Pepper looks at Xu Xuan,“say something?”

Xu Xuan nodded and smiled,At this moment, the walker’s locker room is quieter than ever,Hill and Miles with headphones took off the headphones,They all looked sincerely at the young leader who has always guarded the city of India。 Under the leadership of West,All Pacers players […]

It is said that geniuses often have various psychological problems,I hope Wang Yufei won’t be like this!

…… “mom,Where do you take us for a big meal today??”Guo Xiaoyi asked his mother affectionately。 “Ask your dad!”Han Qian said angrily。 There was no comparison before,I don’t think there is anything wrong with my child。But Wang Yufei only came one day, so Han Qian […]

The Mandarin waved his hand,Said:“How does the Yang family treat us,You are mentally clear,The Yang family is watching me now,My old life,That’s it。”

There is a trace of regret in his look,But there is a kind of relief,Keep saying:“This life-saving grace,I spent 20 years repaying,Should be paid off。” A stern murderous intent flashed in the eyes of the Mandarin。 “And what they have done to me in the […]

Ning Beizhi stopped here,Like organizing language,Then I continued:“I have another thing to tell you。How many Taoists will come tomorrow,One of the long road numbers‘Such as’,Zhongnanshan keeps and observes the Lord,One of the vice presidents of the National Taoist Association,Also one of the consultants of the General Administration of Special Affairs,Is a Taoist master who has old ways。I have seen him perform Taoism in Zhongnanshan,Can be called advanced。

“and also.Surprise?”

“Yes,Is a surprise!” . “Let us please with the strongest applause and cheersNBAThe youngest60Mr. Fen!!” “Super Three Pointer!” “Rookie Terminator!” “The league’s strongest rookie devil!” “Future superstar!Superstars now!” “.” “Indian City Revival、Madison’s forever friend。Xu——————————Xuan!!!!” No splendid dance,And no funny movements,The door gradually opens,Xu Xuan wore […]

Huang Lei didn’t go out this night,Just got a little wine to drink,Overall it’s pretty decent,Makes him comfortable and happy。

First2God is uncomfortable,The chick suddenly appeared by his side,It shocked him,I thought it was something。 “I said, can Miss Sister show up at someone’s bed early in the morning?,Don’t you think this is a very scary thing,Will make people feel extremely depressed。” Huang Lei muttered […]