Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan and others couldn’t help but laugh!Qin Liang’s explanation is too strong,Although nonsense,But he can just speak nonsense,Like the truth,This is funny。

“It’s like you’ve really eaten people……” Shen Ruoxue said contemptuously。 “Of course I did.!Once on the battlefield,Played for three full months,We have neither ammunition nor food,In the last resort,I had to kill a few prisoners to eat,Then there were two young girls in the captives,Turns […]

Qin Liang took the opportunity and started to make terms again……

“Can’t you thank you in other ways?” Yang Shiyun also deliberately said。 “You are going to bargain with me?No way,This is definitely not discussed,In addition to agreeing,I don’t accept anything else,Save it,Don’t make your little idea,I already said,you are mine,Can’t run away。” Qin Liang said […]

Zhuang Shao said with a sneer,Then take out the phone,Dialed a number!

“Hey,Ghost!You come over to me!one person,I want you to do it!” Phone,Shao Zhuang simply said a few words…… Not long,A strong man with a height of 1.9 meters came to Zhuang Sheng’s villa!this person,The ghost that Zhuang Sheng called! Agui stopped in the room,The air […]

When the realm is truly complete,Xia Chenglong slowly opened his eyes,Seeing Mr. Bai in front of him barely smile。

“Kid,I think that we should give up,It’s too dangerous。” “No,Nothing,I can。” The three-turn barrier-breaking pill appeared in his hand,The pain was too strong for him to take the medicine out of the bottle,But directly crush the jade bottle,Finally put it in the mouth resolutely。 This […]

“This is interesting,I can have more fun in the future。”

Shen Ruoxue nodded repeatedly and replied,It seems that she is really interested in this。 “no problem,How about I let your sister Yanzi take you all the Shen sisters to play together tonight??” Qin Liang asked with a smile。 “Okay okay!That’s great!” Shen Ruoxue immediately replied […]

Baby Ou thought about it,“For this demon,Actually, it’s not impossible。The evil does not suppress,You invite a navy studio,Internet Age,Spread the truth,Reveal his true colors。Outside the law,And morality,Beyond morality,And conscience。Even if not everyone has a conscience,But i believe,A conscientious person,Still in the majority。This is a very simple way,Unsuccessful,You go try。”

“I know,You don’t want to have anything to do with the past,But you always spend money to buy your conscience for his mess,I think,You are so wronged。This from beginning to end,You are not wrong。You don’t need atonement,No need to atone for anyone。Let them make atonement […]