Ding Yi continued to tie the muscles on his face,Squeezing words from between the teeth:“I have a mask on my face。”

Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Ha ha,now it’s right,I still wonder,Why does this voice sound so hard??” “Are you going home?”Ding Yi said strenuously。 Jiang Fan said:“I call you to tell you that you can’t go back,Entertain Japanese guests at noon,We are on the way to the hotel。” […]

“Silly girl……Someday,You and Qiaoer,Xin’er will marry!We can keep together day by day like now,Actually there is not much time。”

Liu Xiaoyun suddenly felt sad…… “I don’t want to marry,I think it’s good to have a carefree life like this forever。” Shen Ruoxue answered casually。 “That is impossible……Even if you think so,Then your parents,Your sister-in-law won’t agree。Girl,I have to be a wife someday,Motherhood,Ugh……This is our […]

“Again,You all have to remember;Tolerance to bad guys,Is cruel to good people!You let go of their bad guys today,Tomorrow there will be more good people being bullied by them,insult。”

Qin Liang deliberately and casually warned everyone again,In fact, these words were mainly for Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue.,Because of the kindness of the sisters,Sometimes it seems outdated。 “So we must do everything!” Liu Xiaoyun took Qin Liang’s words loudly。 “But you have to know […]

Of course,If you are willing to use a better computer,Rendering time will be further reduced,Even greatly shortened。

But Hammond Castle is not the kind of rich club,It is impossible to equip a video analyst with the top video workstation,Just to let him speed up the video rendering for a few minutes。 Besides, Matt·Dawn himself didn’t think it was necessary to spend so […]

Principal Zhang, who is rare to express his opinion, raised his watch to show his intention to speak。

The host readily agreed,Principal Zhang stood up with his hands on the desktop and said:“Listen to what Xiaofang said,Think about it right,I think it is necessary to discuss this issue,My situation is similar to what Xiaofang just said,Usually in meetings,I realized that once I said […]

Ronman said so,It’s exactly what Peng Changyi said,in fact,Does she fully understand what Peng Changyi said?,I have a question mark。

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“How are you doing in Kangzhou?” Listening to Peng Changyi asking himself like this,Ronman’s heart softened,No longer conceal the dampness in the eyes,Her eyes were red immediately,Choked and said:“Ugh,So-so……” Peng Changyi heard her overtones,There was a sardonic smile at the corner of his […]