《Characters》’S film is almost finished,Although I haven’t shown it to the director,But Chen Jianyu and《Characters》’S producer Wang Hui and Wang Sister are very confident in this film。 It will be broadcast until next Wednesday。 And before airing,Hu Lai was able to score twice in the […]

“I’m not stupid!As long as there is a fourth person here,I can never make this joke!Isn’t it just the three of us now?,Haha。”

Shen Ruoxue is still trembling,Maybe she pushed Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun into the pit at the same time for the first time,So it’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction。 She had fun,But I didn’t know that this kind of joke could bring Qin Liang […]

“Ugh,Jingzhou Province got approved,Before the highway opens to traffic,Flatten all grave heads,This reporting task is given to me,I’m so unlucky,Confuses me with the dead。”Ye Tong said distressedly。

“You are the editor-in-chief’s daughter,Not to you,Do you think that the daughter of the editor-in-chief only has a beautiful side??You have to do the disadvantaged side。” “Speak with my dad,I’ll call you Papa Peng from now on。” “do not,I’m not that old。” “Serious,When do you […]

“Oh,Mother Jiang said the same。”Peng Changyi’s eyes widened。

“Yes,Later I joked with mom,Say,Now your son has a big hair,Can you buy a lot of castles。Mother seriously called Xiaoding and me aside,Tell me seriously:Ah,This thing shouldn’t be something ordinary people can have,You can’t consume it。I understand what mom said,She needn’t say much。I seek my […]

Speaking of business,Xia Chenglong endured the pain and sat up,Close your eyes and sense the aura of heaven and earth,Dream Promise’s unique absorption method can help him quickly sense。

Ten minutes passed,Xia Chenglong opened his eyes again,He can’t understand,Why is this the case。 Transformation,Still body,No change at all,His state is still in the state of transformation。 “old man,You are lying to me?” Mr. Bai was silent for a while:“You try to see if you […]

“What’s up with you?not comfortable?you.”

Shen Ruoxue discovered Liu Xiaoyun’s anomaly,Strange question。 “Oh~~No……I’ve been sitting for a long time,Just move around。nothing。” Liu Xiaoyun blushed and said。 “Sister Murong said,Little girl has no waist,I won’t have until I get married,I don’t understand what she means,I will ask her again,Does she allow […]


Everyone laughed at once!This is a good answer!The answer is too humorous and funny,Liu Xiaoyun deserves to be a genius。 “And the lion,Lioness and Cub。” Qin Liang also added a sentence deliberately joking。 “You guys are really good at talking nonsense!Hahahaha……” I didn’t expect that […]