But now Kaifu,Although the speed is still as fast as before,Power is also as strong as before,But but I can’t even touch Sun Wukong.。

Although Sun Wukong is now“Alert”Not perfect,But the body has been able to judge without thinking,Original response。 certainly,Disadvantages,That is“Alert”It is invincible,But the ability to attack is extremely insufficient。 So Sun Wukong at this time,Constantly dodge attack,Constantly use the body advantage to approximate each other。 Although the […]

Although the internal force is still a slightly info, the old three,But such as Yue Lao San, such a rivers and lakes,Already completely not the opponent of Chu Deirers。

Flowers,Orthothy“flower”Come to use time、Or the timing,The core is the grasp of the timing! Flowers are blooming,Holding the opportunity,Even“Now”Artistic conception——Early one points, the flowers are not open,Later, spending。 Between,It is no longer limited to that seven hundred kinds of moving changes,It is full of grasp of […]

All,Many places in the world,There is no logo on the world map。

And her special map does not exist this vulnerability。 Go to the past,Sitting on the couch,Summer will open the world map,Closer look。 But after a moment,The brow is not frightened.。 “What did you find?。” Good sound can’t help but ask。 Summer did http://www.stjld.cn not answer,Push,Also […]

With the lessons learned from brain-computer chips,Really need to be taken seriously。

Tim·Cook frowned and said:“Ok,Could it be that your people can only inquire about such useless news?” “In fact,We haven’t found the right person to join that company。This information is obtained from another channel。The staff of Changxiang Technology signed confidential documents,I have probably received some training […]

Hyuga Nissa respectfully said to Naruto,Although Naruto is his son-in-law,But in this formal occasion,Hyuga Nizu is not as relaxed as chatting at home。

“Naruto” Girl Sakura said to herself,Look at adults Naruto,Adult Naruto smiled and beckoned to the girl Sakura。 After the girl Sakura responded briefly,Turning his head and asked the young Naruto next to him:“Naruto,What the hell is going on?How come I have never seen this person。” […]

Except for Fang Xianjing, these girls have more energy,Strong staying power,Everything else is weak,In twos or twos, I was splashed out。

I’m not someone who doesn’t know how to pity and cherish jade,Immediately reduced the blow to the three,Focus on Fang Xianjing,She was screamed by me,With the water coming in,I want to rush over to be a real personPKUp。 How can i make her wish,Fight and […]

The other four people around saw Liu Yan’s behavior,I also understand Liu Yan’s determination to fight for life,Except Lin Yuan,Others also turned on the power of the evil spirit orb。

The combat power of these five people skyrocketed instantly,Especially Liu Yan,He was full of red flames,A phantom of a tiger appeared behind him,He stooped,Three times faster than before。 Lu Li couldn’t escape in time for a while,Liu Yan cut his right hand immediately with a […]