But at the next night,Summer received a call from Wen Wen again,Invite them to participate in a seater with Luo Qianjin。

“Foreigners will have more,Are they not tired??” Summer secrets,I want to refuse,Self-portable reasons,But let him have to go。 “summer,In fact, I invited you for Camilla.,She said that she wants to give you the last bet.。” Phone,Wen Wen paused,Time to think about summer,Also,“and,This wine will be […]

After all, Li Pei is still the first for the first to make her some heart.,It is also the first man who is a charm of her.。

“Hey-hey,You don’t want the site in the east of the county?” “Um? Shimao’s site? He is a lot of people,And his hand is also a desperate,If you have a woman, I am a woman’s home.,Not going well to solve it.。” There is nothing to do […]


“what happened?”Fuming heard Wu Ling calling him,Replied。 “Since i live in you,I can’t live for http://www.chousx.cn nothing,I have something for you” Fuming was instantly raised up with curiosity“what” “My combat skills-Wu Zhenjia!” http://www.en10216.cn Fu Ming frowned upon hearing this“Defensive skills?” “how,Look down on defensive skills?” […]

The Mandarin waved his hand,Said:“How does the Yang family treat us,You are mentally clear,The Yang family is watching me now,My old life,That’s it。”

There is a trace of regret in his look,But there is a kind of relief,Keep saying:“This life-saving grace,I spent 20 years repaying,Should be paid off。” A stern murderous intent flashed in the eyes of the Mandarin。 “And what they have done to me in the […]

Good luck!

Jimmy·Butler, an anxious star emerging from the Bulls this season,Swingman,While the defense is quite sharp,The offense is also very good and steady。 In the past week,He leads the bull4Win all,Can get23.0Minute、3.3Assist、7.0Backboard、0.8A steal2.0Cap。 If you insist,Butler’s data should be about the same as Xu Xuan,The best […]

Grant Hill on the sidelines holding his knees,Continuous breakthroughs are very expensive。

I have used my full strength!Pierced Bowen! why?Why was overtaken by the Lakers?Why was Kobe overtaken? The Pistons coaches and players dare not breathe,Hill’s anger they feel。But his own ability is limited,I can’t help Shira。 The Pistons have done a great job defensively in this […]

But he prefers to be with Qin Xiaomi,This kind of interesting getting along,Don’t want to destroy this feeling。

and so,He charged another 200,000,Then I sent a message:collected,The copyright belongs to you,Register yourself。 Saw Lin Dong collected the money,Qin Xiaomi said to herself:“It’s not bad……” She doesn’t like those who are overly hypocritical,I like Lin Dong’s simplicity and directness。 Nature revealed,Not perfect,But very real。 […]