After his sentence, he said.,I was still surprised that the teammates killed by the road.,I have been comforting him.。

He next to himADCTeammates are also,But seeADCTeammate’s expression,Obviously, there is still a bit of not going back from the situation.。 Long out,JDGThe auxiliary green hair is shaking the head,Then close the screen again。 Just this time,He hopes to the eyes of the opponent,Bring a few […]

“We also retreated。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“After going back these days, I started to refine the medicine.,At the same time, after a while。”

He must practice the big thunder knife method to a small success,This way, his speed is comparable to God’s strong,And strength beyond the people of many half-steps,This is in the master of the master.。 “Ok,retreat!”Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Li Wei god and others have been,I […]

The three horrible figure came here,The owner of the three shadows is hurting the mother of the mother.,Jinshan Emperor,Liu Sheng sword three,The three people come in the Buddha’s pointers in the face.。

“Zombie!” Braho God teaches the main son:“Zombie,Nine-soven,Among them, the noise of the zombies disappeared.,But my bitter is touching this breath.,It is the one in the beginning of Lin Feng.。” “good,Nine zombies,There is also a breath of gold。”Jinshan Emperor Shen Sheng:“Golden breath,not good,Also with a corpse。” […]

With the words of the empty smell,For Shen Xuan,The more you look, the more you feel funny.。

This words,It is very interesting.。 what happened,This is completely unpredictable.。 And Shen Xuan,Overhead,Then I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。 “Ha ha,It’s so funny.,But it is really too self-righteous.。” “Since you are so confident on your strength,Then I’m coming.!” Look at your eyes,Shen […]

Just solve the hunger in this area,Jinshan Investment Company can stand on its heels in this area。

In a few days withtGovernment showdown,Also have greater confidence。 People can’t resist,Can only use。 When I followed the team to that place,Fang Hao was really shocked。 This time is not the scenery along the way,But went deep into the village of the locals。 That’s poorer […]

Before entering,Pickled Pepper looks at Xu Xuan,“say something?”

Xu Xuan nodded and smiled,At this moment, the walker’s locker room is quieter than ever,Hill and Miles with headphones took off the headphones,They all looked sincerely at the young leader who has always guarded the city of India。 Under the leadership of West,All Pacers players […]

Think of this one,Sangen Uemura who didn’t intend to exhaust all his strength。

suddenly,All zhenqi condenses to his pubic position。 A forty meter knife,Appeared in the hands of Uemura Sanyuan。 “Split me!” This knife,With all the power of Uemura Sanyuan。 Even if these six-character mantra are powerful。 Also useless。 Because facing this own behead,Must be broken。 Lin Yu […]

Mustache put his hands in front of him,People relax too,I don’t plan to continue to shoot。

———— Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Not in a hurry It’s just that Huang Lei is always wary and careful with him,I’m afraid this guy will shoot him again suddenly,In Huang Lei’s opinion anyway,The other party is not good。 “what happened?I can’t answer even […]

Tokugawa Naganobu was slightly startled when he heard this.。

Fukuyama took advantage of his daze and pushed him away,Then walked slowly back to Dugu Fengyun,Said with a smile:“Dugu God of War,Why you keep not agreeing?Don’t you think,Will lose to us?” ———— First0509Zhang’s childhood idol Fukuyama’s eyes narrowed slightly when he spoke,Brilliant,Staring at Dugu Fengyun’s […]