The whole world knows that quantum physics is easy to get started,But only people in the industry understand,The so-called entry is not a fart at all,At most, I just understand what quantum mechanics is studying,Actually don’t understand quantum mechanics at all。

Getting started is not easy,Let alone learning,And self-study。 Plus eighteen years old,Old John felt that even if Einstein was reborn,I have to kneel when I see this young man! Such ability is more than enough to be an idol。 Even more than idols,Old John thinks […]

Xia Jian agrees very much with Chen Xia’s words,No loss is someone who has gone abroad and studied,Look at the problem and analyze things,All have an admirable side。

Fang Fang is obviously not interested in their conversation,She just listened silently,Pour Xia Jian a cup of tea from time to time,Or just put Xia Jian in the bowl in front of you,Anyway, the job of her assistant,Do it vividly,Make Chen Xia sitting next to […]

Not only them,Following several bodyguards next to him, all the enemy,Microphone bow。

Bloody flavor is too rich,Too pungent。 “There is a corpse in front……” A bodyguard refers to a low drink in front.。 Several people look for the direction,I saw a corpse in the blood of the blood.……Not,It is no longer called the body.,It is a bunch […]

Although this is a top secret,For the safe safety,Organization can only tell Zhou Weiguo this matter,Let him understand anyone with anyone?。

Rui Rui first looked at Zhou Weiguo Independent Group,It is already mid-October,It seems that the independent group has already played a lot of hard,The warriors are all tired.。 See only a few hundred people,Qi Rui:“Zhou Big Brother,Are you all here??” “Several cars,There are more than […]

Just when Mo Xiaosheng wanted to find out who this woman was,This woman moved suddenly,Back to touch Mo Xiaosheng,When he touched Mo Xiaosheng’s body, he woke up suddenly!

“what——!”Then a sad scream resounded throughout the room,The woman sat up。 “what happened?Yilin!” Qiao Yiyi was also awakened instantly,“Snapped”Turned on the lights。 It’s okay if she doesn’t turn on the light,Turn on the light,Luo Yilin’s empty upper body was immediately cleaned by Mo Xiaosheng。 “what!” […]

It is said that geniuses often have various psychological problems,I hope Wang Yufei won’t be like this!

…… “mom,Where do you take us for a big meal today??”Guo Xiaoyi asked his mother affectionately。 “Ask your dad!”Han Qian said angrily。 There was no comparison before,I don’t think there is anything wrong with my child。But Wang Yufei only came one day, so Han Qian […]

“what happened?”

Father Jiang beside,I also noticed the butler’s face,After answering the call,Become ugly。 The butler who heard this,Head down;“old,master,The person we arranged to go to Lu Wei’s company,Were all injured,And the person who blocked Lu Wei’s company。 Don’t know why,suddenly,All are not blocked。” “what,And this thing? […]

The young marshal sat on the chair in front of him,No table。

“Do you still think the decision you made is right??” Anji’s forehead shed cold sweat instantly! “.Brad has only two games.”Angie’s lips trembled,He was pretending to be calm: “You and I should know,Two games can’t decide anything” “and,I never said his offense,I think his defense […]

There was endless grievance and sadness in her voice,these years,She is almost always in a sense of excitement,Growing up in a depressing and dull atmosphere,But she doesn’t blame Uncle Yue for leaving her,She knew that Uncle Yue was also to help her heal。

“Yin Er……” Rao is a tough guy like King Yue,I also shed tears at this time。 In this world,Is there anything more fun than family reunion?? Mo Xiaosheng and Li Zhen felt sore after seeing this scene.,Shook his head gently,Then the two looked at each […]