Which of the three miners’ families killed the most,They have a unified caliber that each person must pay 500,000 yuan,Three can cost 1.5 million,Where does this get him?

But Tian Wa said on the phone,He and Liu Changgui are negotiating with these family members。If you can talk about 300,000,Wang Youcai has already thought about it,Plus a little money from the company’s finances,He bought the building again,What machinery and equipment should I http://www.selmarkshop.cn buy?。 […]


一巴掌抽在了Lin Feng的脸上,抽的林枫脸上火辣疼痛。 “刘磊,你干什么!”叶倩吼声道,他怕鸵鸟得罪死了林枫。 “叶倩,你先出去下,I找他有点事情要谈。”鸵鸟的声音有点低沉,他抬起头,双眸忽然变的赤红。 “你,你Do not要动手,有什么事情解释清楚。”叶倩狠狠抓住鸵鸟的胳膊。 “我知道,叶倩你先出去吧。”鸵鸟深深的呼吸了一口气道:“Maple,跟我来,你心里肯定郁闷。”http://www.hzyjhwhz.cn “我当然郁闷!”林枫道,他的身影跟了上去。 鸵鸟直接走出了名流茶馆,而后俩人乘坐一辆出租车奔向了中州市的郊区,很快停靠在了一片山地的脚下,半山腰之上碑林林立,鬼气森森,即便是在白天也给人一种阴森的感觉。 林枫I don’t know why,望着这一片碑林的时候,他心中扑通的响。 他跟着鸵鸟走了上去,俩人来到半山腰,半山腰的有一处十平米的墓地,一处漆黑的石碑屹立在地面上,上面铭刻着俩个字。 “Wang Ting!” Lin Feng looked at this name,His figure suddenly trembled,The strength of the body is like being dried.,He is suffering in his heart。 Three years of time,The appearance of a […]

Ran away dingy!

“Sorry……my friend,Bothered you!” After pete left,Guo Xueli looked embarrassed。 originally,She thought Pete was a great person,Let him stay because http://www.fangxiandani.cn there is no way。 Now it seems,Pete is just a man of opportunism! “Nothing,I didn’t care!As long as it doesn’t affect my meal……but,You really want […]

Now Su Liang said out,Calculation proves that the other party has nothing to do.。

“Hey-hey,I was busy that a few days.,So I forgot,However, Su Da Ge is relieved with Ting Sister.,I will ask you to eat a big meal.,Just some of you。” “OK,Your mouth is sweet,Come and help me give me a wedding dress.。” Song Ting listened to Li […]

Can’t lose!

One-on-one with Kobe can’t lose! Jordan accelerates again! “Caught up!Jordan strides to catch up with Kobe。” “How will Kobe end??Will he be guarded by Michael?” Jordan is behind! Kobe knows this well! Then it can only be deducted! Layup too dangerous。 Must dunk! Kobe kicks […]

His sincere way:“I really thank you,But it’s really my heart……I thought about,If it is one or two hundred thousand,I can think of a way,Let the old lady have a chance to spend a few days sober and comfortable。But it doesn’t seem to work anymore,Then I don’t want to,Prescribe medicine,Eating slowly,So that she can live happily every waking day,Just fine。”

Han Donger listened to this,Not talking,But she pulled at Shen Huan’s clothes。 Shen Huan can feel it,Her heart is upset。 It’s not that you can’t make a decision,But I don’t know how to persuade the old man。 “Ding Dong!” “The great system senses a hint […]