Shake your head,Sighed,Now everyone’s emotions are unstable,Still considering how to deal with the worst plan。

…… “Hool。” A black car is silent in the fruit plate downstairs。 Inside the car,Jianqiao University principal Rosek’s face,Brow,Whether it is color or a special,Can’t see the scenery of the week。 In fact,He did not sleep last night last night.。 Several phones are frequently entered […]

Which of the three miners’ families killed the most,They have a unified caliber that each person must pay 500,000 yuan,Three can cost 1.5 million,Where does this get him?

But Tian Wa said on the phone,He and Liu Changgui are negotiating with these family members。If you can talk about 300,000,Wang Youcai has already thought about it,Plus a little money from the company’s finances,He bought the building again,What machinery and equipment should I buy?。 […]

Zhao Chi didn’t think of it at all,Shen Xuan actually dare to kill him。

Now,Zhao Chi is still planning to say something,But finally,Still directly。 And see here,Shen Xuan is still a way。 And Sun Jiang retreats two steps,The face is full of fear。 “you,You actually dare to kill people,You are broken。” When Sun Jiang’s words,Shen Xuan but more […]

After his sentence, he said.,I was still surprised that the teammates killed by the road.,I have been comforting him.。

He next to himADCTeammates are also,But seeADCTeammate’s expression,Obviously, there is still a bit of not going back from the situation.。 Long out,JDGThe auxiliary green hair is shaking the head,Then close the screen again。 Just this time,He hopes to the eyes of the opponent,Bring a few […]

But at the next night,Summer received a call from Wen Wen again,Invite them to participate in a seater with Luo Qianjin。

“Foreigners will have more,Are they not tired??” Summer secrets,I want to refuse,Self-portable reasons,But let him have to go。 “summer,In fact, I invited you for Camilla.,She said that she wants to give you the last bet.。” Phone,Wen Wen paused,Time to think about summer,Also,“and,This wine will be […]

“Please help me implement this first,Let’s meet again。Hurry now,It’s going to die late。”Li Tianzhen disagrees。

“okay。No matter if there is any result,I’ll call you after I’m done。”Shen Yingjie unexpectedly didn’t insist,I picked up my bag and went upstairs。 Li Tianchou came out of the police station,Wogua is very honest squatting on the street and smoking,Hand smoked yellow,Mouth is also sucked,The […]

But now Kaifu,Although the speed is still as fast as before,Power is also as strong as before,But but I can’t even touch Sun Wukong.。

Although Sun Wukong is now“Alert”Not perfect,But the body has been able to judge without thinking,Original response。 certainly,Disadvantages,That is“Alert”It is invincible,But the ability to attack is extremely insufficient。 So Sun Wukong at this time,Constantly dodge attack,Constantly use the body advantage to approximate each other。 Although the […]

“Ha ha!”Sun Litian,Tolsmut and others have also smiled and went up.,The two sides are excited to hug together。

“Who is going back??”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the people.。 “not going back!” Sun Litian,White,Tolsmu and others have laughed。 “This emperor doesn’t go back.,but,Lin Big,To bring a few young guys。”Tiger king spit a few big words。 “Also multi-point coal coming。”Tolsmu reminded。 “rest assured!”Lin Feng […]