Of course,If you are willing to use a better computer,Rendering time will be further reduced,Even greatly shortened。

But Hammond Castle is not the kind of rich club,It is impossible to equip a video analyst with the top video workstation,Just to let him speed up the video rendering for a few minutes。
Besides, Matt·Dawn himself didn’t think it was necessary to spend so much money to upgrade the computer.,To speed up the video output,This ten minutes to half an hour,Is it good for him to do something else??
Like now,During this waiting time,Matt·Dawn picked up the phone,I plan to visit the crowded community,Check out any interesting posts。
He quickly browsed the post titles in the community,If you are interested in the title, click to see the specific content。
If not interested,Just pass it quickly,Click to the next page。
He sees quickly,Occasionally click into the title to quickly browse the content,Exit again and continue to swipe down。
In this way he quickly browsed five or six pages of the forum,Until a headline pops out。
“Recommend a Chinese super genius to everyone!”
This is a very ordinary title,I don’t know how many posts with similar titles are in the community every day.,Just change the country name。
But it still attracts Matt·Dawn’s attention,Let his finger hover over this post。
Because he first saw it appear in a title like this“China”name。
Is there a football genius among the Chinese??