Shen Ruoxi said awkwardly。

“I’m sorry,My mind is simple,I didn’t consider the problem so comprehensively,I almost killed myself again。”
Although Qin Liang said these two words to everyone,But the meaning in the words is for Shen Ruoxi,Although Shen Ruoxi did not appear to be angry,,He still apologized first to avoid serious consequences,This is called remedy,It’s not too late。
Apologize first when Shen Ruoxi is not angry,The effect will be better,And it took the lead,Shen Ruoxi would be embarrassed and angry。
And after Yang Shiyun said this,Other girls,Including Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,I won’t keep talking about this topic anymore,Knowingly“Entrap”Qin Liang’s business,No one can do it,Besides, Yang Shiyun said things are so clear now,Then it is even more impossible for everyone to continue this topic。
“Brother-in-law,Are you going to buy two cats again??”
As expected, Liu Xiaoyun jumped out again and changed the subject,Chen Hao was not here just now,So she doesn’t know what happened just now,So the task of changing the subject,Of course it fell on Liu Xiaoyun right now。
“I have a hasty,You thought about it?”
Qin Liang asked in surprise,Actually even if there is no such thing,Qin Liang also wants to buy at least one more cat back,Because he was going to buy a cat for Xiao Yuer yesterday,It’s just that I got out of the zoo too late,It’s too late to buy a cat。
“I didn’t expect me to ask?Really is。”
Liu Xiaoyun replied nonchalantly,Of course she didn’t forget Qin Liang said that she would buy a cat for Xiao Yuer,So she asked that on purpose,Anyway, cats are definitely going to be bought,It’s the same whether you ask or not,The question is just to help Qin Liang change the subject。
“Ha ha,I won’t praise you for being smart anymore,Because I’m tired of listening to you,I think you are even more bored。”
Qin Liang smiled and said to Liu Xiaoyun。