“Let’s open my first,See what’s inside。”

Chen Hao speaks,One side carefully unpacked his red small box slowly。
After opening the small box,A pair of dazzling earrings were presented in front of Chen Hao and Liu Rushi!
“This……What the hell is this?”
Liu Rushi asked confusedly。
“This dead girl!Come here with me!”
Chen Hao understood what Shen Ruoxi meant in an instant,She blamed it with an anguish。
“Let me look at my box。”
Liu Rushi also opened the box in her hand……As a result, there are also a pair of shiny earrings。
“What does this mean?”
Liu Rushi didn’t turn her mind。
“Benzene girl!Don’t understand?This is Ruoxi to show her gratitude to us,A gift specially for us,do you understand?”
Chen Hao can’t laugh or cry。
“gosh!So that’s what happened!Oh my god!How much does this pair of earrings cost?!It’s too expensive I dare not ask for it!”
Liu Rushi tangled up,She is a girl from a poor family,But I am afraid of accepting gifts and benefits from others,This is probably because the more such a girl,The stronger your self-esteem。
“Shen Ruoxi is the boss of Ouya Group,Is the president of Ouya,The gift she bought,Of course it won’t be an ordinary gift,Based on my knowledge of earrings,These two earrings,The price of each pair is tens of thousands of dollars。”