Which of the three miners’ families killed the most,They have a unified caliber that each person must pay 500,000 yuan,Three can cost 1.5 million,Where does this get him?

But Tian Wa said on the phone,He and Liu Changgui are negotiating with these family members。If you can talk about 300,000,Wang Youcai has already thought about it,Plus a little money from the company’s finances,He bought the building again,What machinery and equipment should I http://www.selmarkshop.cn buy?。
But the calculations are not enough。Wang Youcai kept turning over and over,Fortunately this is Tu Kang,Can’t hear any sound。Wang Youcai can’t sleep anymore,He sat up slowly,Put on clothes。Opened the door gently,Came out。
The night in the mountains is still a little cool。Wang Youcai stood at the door,Looking at the stars,I have an unspeakable feeling in my heart。Unexpectedly, his Wang Youcai got mixed up to this point。
He thought he could make a fortune by relying on Xishan Mining,Seeing that an old peasant turned into a rich man in Pingdu,But who can think of,Something like this will happen。
Because there is no moon,Although the sky is full of stars,But the yard is still a bit dark。Wang Youcai doesn’t dare to leave,Standing next to the wall of mud,Looking at the looming mountains in the distance。
Suddenly there came a woman happy in the east room*sound。Wang Youcai was shocked,The whole person suddenly came to the spirit。He pricked his ears to listen,But this*The sound disappeared instantly,Maybe this Yao Chunni is dreaming。
This is a small courtyard that looks very poor。Small courtyard surrounded by mud,There is a newly built tile house on the east,Yao Chunni lives in this house。Main house backing,Three rooms。The two rooms in the main house are where Yao Chunni’s 60-year-old mother-in-law lives。The one separated is the kitchen。Wang Youcai lives in Westinghouse,Two rooms in total,Except for a kang,Put all the farm stuff and sundries。
Because Wang Youcai paid a big price to live in their house,So Yao Chunli and her mother-in-law smeared and cleaned up the clutter in this house,Looks neat。
The worst thing is that Chen Village is in the mountains,Far away from other villages,So until now there is no electricity。The night light is still the kerosene lamp used by the people in Xiping Village more than ten years ago,Watching everything here,At that time, Wang Youcai had a feeling of going back to the past in a trance。
Dinner is easy,A potato shred,Then there is a plate of fried chili。The three of them ate together,Wang Youcai wanted to show his sincerity during dinner,First, Yao Chunni’s mother-in-law, Li Lanhua, paid 1,000 yuan in advance for the room,This old woman is so happy。
But Wang Youcai found,Yao Chunni’s mother-in-law is a great master,Keep staring at him and Yao Chunni with both eyes,So after one meal,Yao Chunni didn’t even lift her head。
Wang Youcai still understands a bit,During the meal,Wang Youcai learned from Yao Chunni’s mother-in-law,This Chen Cun’s Biaodou adults have all gone to work with the village chief,All the old people and women left in the village,Or a child。
You said that such a beautiful Yao Chunni lives in a courtyard with a man like him who loves beautiful women,Can mother-in-law not have a heart??Definitely not。An accidental,Maybe the two of them slept together。
The more Yao Chunni avoids his eyes,This shows that the more ghost in this woman,Wang Youcai is the most experienced at this point。All these years,There are still many women who have had a good time with her,He understands how these women are thinking。Maybe a look,Maybe an action。
Wang Youcai is thinking about good things,I slowly forget my troubles。suddenly,Wang Youcai felt a slight noise behind him,Gosh!Could it be a wild wolf rushing into the http://www.njspwl.cn yard?!
The heart is raised at this moment,Anyway he has to die to understand。Thought of here,Wang Youcai Meng turned around,He almost yelled in shock。
There is no wild wolf behind him,And standing is Yao Chunni’s mother-in-law Li Lanhua。This scared Wang Youcai not lightly,He immediately scolded:”What are you doing?Want to scare people to death?!“