“Tut tut tut!You are so embarrassed to say!Old couple?The old wife who is still a virgin?”

Murong Shan put her mouth to Shen Ruoxi’s ear dismissively,Say in a voice that only Shen Ruoxi can hear!
Shen Ruoxi was suddenly embarrassed!She is most afraid of Murong Shan’s use“This matter”Frustrate her,But every time Murong Shan deliberately grasps this matter,This leaves Shen Ruoxi completely without any power to fight。
It’s also incredible to say this;
In fact, although the environment at home is now inconvenient for Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang to spend time between their husband and wife“Bridal night”,But just think of something,They can still solve this problem easily。
For example, go to a hotel to open a room,Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang are legal couples who have officially obtained a marriage certificate,So naturally I will not be afraid“Rounds”This kind of thing,But the reason why Shen Ruoxi still refuses to do this is;It is often said in the news now,A camera was secretly installed in the hotel room,All kinds of defenses,She dare not take that risk,She’s afraid that if she gets hurt by those bad intentions,The morally depraved bad guy secretly filmed the video,That’s amazing!
Two thousand six hundred and forty chapters Pretty
? Two thousand six hundred and forty chapters Pretty
Shen Ruoxi is well-known in Haishang City“The first beauty in business”,If this happens once,There is no doubt that,Shen Ruoxi will immediately“Ruined”,Never recovered!So she would not take this risk anyway。
Besides,There are other ways,For example;Borrow a friend’s house and use it。
In fact, Murong Shan’s own villa is now empty,Except for Liang Feng who occasionally goes back to live for a few days,The rest are some servants,Cook up,As long as Shen Ruoxi is willing,Murong Shan is willing to offer her own villa to her and Qin Liang at any time。