Sun Yang ended the two gold medals at Beijing Station, and the Chinese swimming team entered Tokyo Time

Sun Yang ended the two gold medals at Beijing Station, and the Chinese swimming team entered “Tokyo Time”
Sun Yang 400 has beaten Lapsis again.Figure / Sports International Swimming Federation Championship Swimming Series Beijing Station entered the second match day today. In the men ‘s 400m freestyle final, Sun Yang easily defeated Lapsis to win the championship and ended the Beijing station with two gold medals.Prior to the Shenzhen station, Sun Yang showed a better state at the Beijing station: Yesterday he was the best Lithuanian star Lapsis in the 200 since the final, triggering a return to a city in the 200 self-match between the two.This afternoon, Sun Yang, Lapsis and Ji Xinjie battled 400 more times.Lapsis was still preemptive in the game, but instead of Chinese players to complete the overtaking half-way, Sun Yang’s advantage became more and more obvious. When swimming to 300 meters, he was almost two ahead of the player behind him, and finally scored 3 points.44 seconds 98 easily won the championship, Ji Xinjie and Lapsis ranked second and third.After touching the wall for the first time, Sun Yang looked calm and did not celebrate as aggressively as the portrait. He said after the game: “Today is my first time to play at this time in the afternoon, and I am very happy to swim out of this state and results.”In his view, my current state is benefited from the cooperation of the entire team,” hard training can have today’s brilliant smile, so in the next half a year, I will continue to work hard to complete my goals and dreams at the Tokyo Olympics.During the Tokyo Olympics, the semifinals and finals of the swimming event were scheduled for the morning, and the Chinese swimming team has also begun to adjust to adapt to “Tokyo Time”, Sun Yang said: “The competition time for the Olympic Games is all inIn the morning, for every player, the starting point is the same, it depends on who plays better.”