Why do women live longer than men?


Why do women live longer than men?

Dr. Olsen of the Hvidov Hospital in Denmark hosted the study.

Since 2000, Olson and two other statisticians have tracked 40,000 stroke patients and examined the impact of gender on survival after stroke.

It was found that women were 25% more likely to survive after stroke than men.

Olson vividly described: “If the right side is also hit by heavy objects, then women will be 25% more likely to survive than men.

The study also showed that in the recovery of serious illnesses, car accidents and trauma, women showed a stronger recovery and regeneration capacity.

In addition, in a critical situation, women’s desire to survive is inherently stronger than men, which is why women live longer.

銆€銆€Olson pointed out that in modern society, the living environment of men and women is roughly equal, and the life expectancy of men is completely negligible. At the same time, most women are already in menopause during the study, so estrogen can not play any beneficial role.
From the perspective of human evolution, women must look after children, and for children, women will not be easily killed by disease.